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Mark and Matt met as guides on Phinda Private Game Reserve (in Northern Kwa-Zulu Natal) back in 2021. Mark subsequently left middle of last year and is now managing a lodge in Zambia and Matt is still guiding, now at Singita in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa.

They both spoke about potential business ideas upon meeting each other as if they’d known each other in a past life and got on like a house on fire. Most ideas initiated whilst sitting around a campfire with a beer in hand or on a game drive bumbling around the reserve looking for photographic opportunities. Most ideas were a dud however, one quiet evening, they decided to watch the sunset on the roof of &Beyond Rock Lodge. They both enjoy the bush and photography as much, and they saw an opportunity for not only themselves, but other guides, guests, and everyone else alike. As two young passionate photographers, bound together by a common love for wildlife, they decided to take responsibility as they felt as if they were not doing enough for the future of wildlife conservation. Amidst triumphs, a sense of urgency influenced them to start something, knowing time is brief... create and raise a community of visual storytellers by promoting fellow wildlife photographers' work around Africa. As guides or even photographic enthusiasts, we rack up thousands of photos which, if they are lucky, make it to Instagram or other social media platforms. Otherwise, they sit collecting dust in the clouds. Thus, Studio M Photography was born. 

Peeping cub B&W

Through collaboration and support, Studio M seeks to celebrate diverse outlooks and showcase the beauty of nature through a lens. Studio M not only brings Africa to the homes of many around the world but aspires to create a lasting positive impact on our planet's future. Individuals globally, seeking purposeful impact, have the potential to safeguard untamed terrains, empower local communities, and provide crucial support to key players in wildlife conservation.

Studio M has collaborated with Lessons in Conservation (LiC), a youth-led Non-Profit Company, with a shared vision of leaving our natural world a better place than what we found it. This inspiring collaboration aims to promote eco-consciousness through captivating visual storytelling and educational initiatives. Together, we strive to ignite a global movement, empowering children through education to protect and preserve our planet's precious biodiversity. Studio M photographers pledge a portion of their print sales to conservation efforts and to empower and educate children who will protect Africa's diverse wildlife and the areas in which they roam, long into their future. Every purchase not only captures the essence of nature but also aids in safeguarding the very creatures that inspired these captivating images.


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Mark McCormick

  • Instagram

"My photographic interest started on my travels through the USA and Central America back in 2017. Growing up with a passion for wildlife visiting the lower Zambezi National Park, 

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Matthew Durell

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“Some of my very first memories of the bush were in the Kruger Park. Back then with my mums point and shoot camera has since turned into a rather rewarding hobby/profession. Now a field guide at Singita in the Sabi Sands, we get to share nature with all those who visit us. We leave a lasting imprint on not only conservation for future generations but also get to share with them the beauty of African wildlife! Join myself and Mark on this incredible journey that started around the campfire for us!”


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